Yu & Momo @ the Petite Étrangère press conference (x)

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Do you have any cosplay regrets?

Only about a million. I’ll just make a list 

  • Should have cosplayed Patty from Soul Eater instead of Stocking from Panty and Stocking since I debated on both
  • Should have thought harder on what cosplay I wanted to get with my $100 coupon to cosplaymagic. Celty was not my brightest move.
  • Should not have attempted goddess Sayaka and should have gone for something simpler. Lots of effort with little reward on that one.
  • Even though Chihiro is my favorite DanganRonpa character I feel like perhaps I would’ve suited Sayaka more. The wig is kind of unflattering on me and I think in the end Sayaka, despite not being close to my favorite, would have suited me more. 
  • For my Sayaka Miki school uniform I should have shopped around more. Got a used one for the same cost I could have payed for a new one.

and this is just naming a few of my bigger ones! Cosplay is full of regrets, but even so I love doing what I do and I have lots of “wins” too so I guess it all evens out in the end!

I'm sad...I love your posts and was wondering if you could tell me a story to cheer me up? Maybe a post about you and Aly or something? I love watching ur interactions together <3

 I’m sorry your sad, little friend. Although I don’t think any story I have would be good for cheering up. How about you just play on this site instead. I’m surprised you think we’re interesting because I sure as heckie am not—

What figures do you have?

I actually don’t have a lot. If I’m talking only full scale ones then I have:
SQ Miki Sayaka
Asuna Titania Ver.
Sonico-Chan Everyday Life Collection Sweets Time Ver.
SQ Sonico
DX Figure Miki Sayaka School Uniform Ver.

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haru all this water and you are still thirstycan no one resist the tachibooty??

makoharu butt kisses for pivori 


haru all this water and you are still thirsty
can no one resist the tachibooty??

makoharu butt kisses for pivori