A beautiful poodle girl 

Very well behaved and very very sweet poodle girl. Enjoy!


kisumi really likes to mess with haru, especially when it comes to makoto

fun fact: haru was way on the other side of campus before he felt his “KISUMI IS NEAR/TOUCHING MAKOTO” senses tingling


wow there is so much anime i haven’t finished yet

let’s start another

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How are you today? :)

Could stand to be a lot better, anon. I did a makeup test for my cosplay (for a convention in about a month) and my purple contacts that I’ve worn plenty of times before and are not on their expiration date yet made one of my eyes red the entire time. It wasn’t burning the entire time just at first, but the eye was horribly red. I had this problem when I wore them last, but had chopped it up to me being tired since that was the Sunday of a pretty blah con. I don’t really have the time to buy new ones and I really like these, but I can’t have one of my eyes blood red the entire time. Worst case I’m just going to wear my red contacts since they kind of suit the character. 
and no the contact doesn’t appear to have a rip in it

Oh my gosh that ask you just answered. HOW CUTE WOULD THAT BE IF THAT REALLY HAPPENED. I'M SCREAMING. I dunno Nozaki getting as flustered as like, Mikorin would when he says something embarrassing, is really how I want it to go down cause it'd be hella cute. Oh god yes please.

Ugh. I need my ooegy gooey. Seeing the stoic Nozaki getting all caught up with things like that… that’s all I need in my life.

Sakura with Nozaki or Mikorin?


Nozaki! Don’t get me wrong, I love Mikorin and really wouldn’t mind if in the end she did end up with him, but between the two I think Sakura and Nozaki is a better match!
I like the kind of development they give each other and I’d really like to see how Nozaki would change if he were to realize his feelings for Sakura. Like maybr he’s drawing his shoujo manga when he starts thinking about doing that with Sakura and getting super flushed so when he submits the story line there’s like no romance because he kept getting too embarrassed.
Thank you for the ask though! I love talking animu 





Ichigo Momomiya